Yep.  Nazis are still a-holes.  Only this time, they are undead a-holes stalking a group of adventurers in the mountains.  With the popularity of zombies these days, there has been a huge increase in shitty zombie movies out there.  Fortunately, there are still some really good ones like Dead Snow as well!

Dead Snow does follow a very average story in many ways.  The typical horror formula with a group of young adults being stranded and isolated has been done many, many times before.  Despite this somewhat tired story line, Dead Snow does a number of things well enough to distinguish itself from the lower tier zombie films out there.

I believe it was Romero's Day Of The Dead that started the "thinking zombie" possibility in horror.  Dead Snow takes full advantage of both the thinking zombie and the quick moving zombie that you see in films like 28 Days Later.  The zombie corps in Dead Snow is capable of stalking their victims, often from afar with binoculars.  The result is very cool in that they are not just mindlessly running into one simple death after another.  

The makeup and gore are very good.  Although there is a moment or two that the zombie makeup looks a little off, the solid scenes more than make up for a drop in visual effect here and there.  The gore is plentiful enough for just about any gorehound interested in seeing this film.  Limbs are ripped off, there are chainsaws ripping through people, etc.  

FrightFiles overall score- 7 out of 10