The Beyond, AKA  E tu vivrai nel terrore - L'aldilà, is considered to be a horror classic by some.  The film was done by Lucio Fulci who has done many popular and respected horror films.  Quite honestly, this will be a very short review because I found it to be very slow to develop and therefore, not very interesting.  However, if you are a Fulci fan, you may absolutely disagree.  While I believe that people like Fulci and Herschell Gordon Lewis were instrumental in shaping the movies that I like today, I am just not into those types of movies anymore. 
The mood of the movie was genuinely pretty creepy at times and the acting was not bad either.  I don't think that any of the actors deserved an Oscar, but they did a worthy job in the film. 
I must admit that I am not a big fan of Fulci for one significant reason:  The gore scenes in his films are absolutely wretched.  I do not mean to say that they look so good that they have a great effect on the viewer (such as nausea).  Fulci will take a clump of hair and a fake eyeball and just mix them up and douse them with blood.  I am certainly not an expert on effects, but these are absolutely horrible.  I also realize that gore effects and overall production has made huge advancements since 1981.  But, with a little more hard work, I think that these films could have been much better.
Again, the acting was pretty good although the dialogue in Fulci films can be a little over the top.  Although the mood, setting, and plot were very different, I kept thinking of Herschell Gordon Lewis' work in films like The Gore, Gore Girls.
The movie is certainly not a complete waste of time.  It is a very basic story about a man being entombed in a home and the proverbial poo hitting the fan when he so chooses to have some fun with the new owner.  The blood effects really drag the film down, but it does have enough of an interesting story line (again, if you like the Fulci style) and semi-solid acting to make it worthwhile if you are a Fulci fan.