A rare sequel in that this film is as good as the first.  This one was directed by Brett Sullivan, but there is a co-writer that also co-wrote the first one (Karen Walton).  Whether this is the thing that makes the sequel so good, I don't really know.  But hats off to Sullivan, Walton (characters)and Megan Martin (writer) for making a really good follow up film. 
I cannot say enough about my respect for Emily Perkins.  I first saw her in the original story and was blown away by her acting ability.  Again, in this film her acting is as good if not better.  We also see Katherine Isabella again, but only as sort of a ghost.
In the beginning, we find Ginger in a mental institution and desperately seeking the monkshood to keep her from "turning".  However, the monkshood is not so easy to obtain without some sordid favors for the workers.  It is a cool development in this one, watching her as she starts to turn.
Eventually, she and another girl escape the mental institution and evade capture.  Ginger finds herself in the girl's grandmothers' home and we find out what really happened that landed granny in the burn unit.  But, the bigger issue is that the male werewolf is on their tails and they need a plan to combat him rather quickly.
They enlist the help of one of the workers from the mental hospital, but he gets screwed over by the young girl and quickly becomes hamburger. 
I won't give away the ending in case you have not seen it, but it is quite entertaining.  Aagin, this is a rare one in that it stands on its' own and does not take away from the original.