The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies are some of my personal favorites.  And no, I don't include that piece of shit TCSM: The Next Generation with Matthew McConaughey to be one of the good ones.  In fact, I knew when I saw that he and Renee Zellweger were in it that the franchise was about to take a turn for the worse.  Although the original TCSM is a classic that may never be matched, TCSM 2 was certainly not a disappointment in its' own right.

TCSM 2 has taken some grief over the years for the comedic aspect that was tossed in.  However, they almost had to do that with the second.  Had the sequel tried to one up the original from a purely horror perspective, it likely would have failed miserably.  It isn't like comedy has not worked well in horror before and after (see Sam Raimi for example).  Enter Bill Moseley as Chop Top.  Who will ever forget lines such as "incoming mail!" and "Leatherface, you bitch.  Look what you did to my Sonny Bono wig"?  Classic lines from a man that has become horror royalty over the years.

One item that did not change in the sequel is the brutality of "the family".  Although they took a comedic turn with the film, fortunately that did not include removing one of the items that made the original great, sheer brutality.  Though the first certainly outdoes the sequel, scenes such as Chop Top repeatedly banging someone on the head with a hammer keeps the second honest.   

Gone is Marilyn Burns, but enter Caroline Williams, who is also quite effective in her leading lady role.