Had the entire film been what the last 30 minutes was, I may have enjoyed it much more.  This is one of those films that is just "ok".  There is nothing particularly great about it, but I did not dislike it either.  I have given this one a rating of 6, as it is sort of interesting.
This French film was directed by Doug Headline and written by Headline and Benoit Lestang.  It was marketed as the next big French horror film, but most certainly fell short of that goal.  I don't know that the French will ever make another film as disturbing or dramatic as "Irreversible" (Gaspar Noe) or "Inside" (Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury).  Of course, no one may develop anything so disturbing anywhere in the world in the near future!  Not that the directing or acting was particularly bad, it was just that the film lacked that horrific, in your face shove that the others mentioned above did so well.   I don't know that anyone has attempted to compare them.  I do so only as a point of reference.  This one is clearly lacking in comparison.
The acting was passable.  It was not anything that would ruin a film, but was certainly not award worthy.