This, in my opinion, is what horror films are supposed to be.  This film has a solid but uncomplicated plot, a great monster, some really strange main characters and a house full of young women ready to party.  It also has Jeffrey Combs.  If there is a better horror formula, I am not sure what it is.  Granted, there are movies that I like more, but this one is very entertaining the whole way through!
First, the cast is great.  Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator series, and an overall Lovecraft film regular) plays the part of a rather odd clerk in a small town store with obviously more information on some bad things than he wishes to share.  Matt McCoy (better known as Loyd Braun from Seinfeld) plays a strange man that has been crippled in an accident that killed his wife.  Christien Tinsley plays a caregiver for McCoy and has been assigned to take him to the Suicide Rock area where his accident occurred as part of a prescribed therapy.  Paul Gleason (Breakfast Club, Van Wilder) plays the local sheriff in his usual no nonsense, sarcastic style.
McCoy has two problems in the film.  The first is that he has been physically disabled from his accident and the second is that his caregiver believes that he is paranoid and does not listen to what he says.
McCoy and his caregiver stay in a cabin near the place of his accident as part of therapy prescribed by his doctor.  A group of young women arrive and stay at the cabin next door.  McCoy sees something in the woods with glwoing red eyes, but his caregiver does not believe him, instead thinking that McCoy is stressed out and paranoid.
McCoy makes several attempts to warn others, but to no avail.  He then witnesses one of the young women being attacked by Bigfoot, but is helpless to intervene. 
The rest of the movie has Bigfoot trying to pick everyone off, one by one.  Eventually McCoy's caregiver is killed and a couple of the other young women are attacked also. 
Enter a group of locals trying to hunt the monster.  They are also not successful and very bad things happen to them.  In the end, McCoy is able to subdue the monster, pinning him against a tree with the car.  He and the lone surviving young woman are loaded into an ambulance.  The sheriff has arrived by then and we again see glowing eyes in the woods as the movie ends.
There is some gore in the movie but not alot.  What is there is well done and not overdone.  There is one great scene of a woman being bent in half as she is pulled through a window by the monster.  The dialogue is excellent and the film is just alot of fun overall.  If you are in the mood for a light hearted horror film with some well placed humor, this one is great!