I read a question from a group on eBay today that interested me.  The question is: "What is the best B horror film ever made?"  So, if you have a minute, please fell free to move over to my blog as I am posting this question there.  It should make for some interesting discussion.
Still plugging away on the reviews.  You may note that there are not many links posted yet.  My goal is to have hundreds of reviews on the site in the next month or so, but the typing is slow.  In the meantime, I did add a blog and hope that people will offer their comments on that site as well.
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As you can see, I am still under construction.  I had hoped to be further ahead, but it has taken me a while to figure things out.  Please bookmark this site as I do intend to have many posts up soon.
Again, if there is a film that you would like to see reviewed here, e-mail me or post it in the guest book.  If I have seen it, I will do my best to get a review posted on it quickly.
As you can see, the links do not have attached reviews yet.  I hope to have the links completed for all of the movies listed by 11/27/08.  Since I am in the early stages still, feel free to request a review or any information that you would like me to consider posting.
I am hoping to get about 40 reviews posted by the end of the week.  Obviously, there is not much to see here now, but please bookmark this site and check back!
I am trying to offer more information on movies than you will find on other sites.  One thing that has always been lacking in many other sites are reviews of lesser known movies. 
The other glaring item is that people tend to give high ratings to some directors like Fulci and Argento just because they did some really cool stuff.  Although I respect them both , they also did some incredibly boring films that you would be better off passing up.  There is no need to give anyone a green light simply because they did something unique in years prior.
I don't know about the rest of you, but I was disappointed when Saw 5 was released.  And then, as if the series is not tired enough, we learn from Scream Queens on VH1 that Saw 6 is in the works.  How many times do we have to watch an interesting film be sequeled to death?  I had great respect for the originality and the suspense of the first film.  The second film was decent also.  But by the time that Jigsaw has an apprentice in Saw 3, the series went to hell in a hurry.  Saw 4 was an incredibly dull movie.  You know that a series is tired when a film like Saw 4 has such original traps and great imagery but still cannot command your attention for more than 5 minutes