Holy Shit!  I saw that this was on Netflix Instant and had never heard anything about it.  It was described as being essentially a compilation of internet, home video, news clips, etc. put together to tell this story.  Now that I have seen it, I looked around the internet to get the reactions of others.  The opinions on the internet include "sick", "disturbing", "can't unsee the picture", etc.  Had I read these opinions before watching, I may have doubted them.  This is not, however, the case.

The movie moves slowly enough for the first hour or so.  Megan is a 14 year old girl, somewhat troubled, and involved in some risky behavior.  Her best friend Amy, is the polar opposite.   The first hour of the film focuses on the relationship between the two girls and shows Megan reflecting on some of the basically abusive experiences she has encountered in her young life.   However, most of the first part of the film focuses on the more average activities that the girls engage in: parties, cell phones, online chat, etc.

Megan hears about "Josh" and begins chatting with him online.  She feels some degree of embarrassment when he invites her to a party and she believes that she has been stood up.  However, upon talking with Josh again online the following day, it is apparent that he was at the party as he describes what she was wearing that night exactly.  At this point you do begin to question his motives.

The movie from this point does a complete 180 degree turn.  The first half of this film feels almost mundane as you watch the girls interact with each other.  And I think that this is what is disturbing about the film.  It has you lulled into this ordinary story of friendship and gets very ugly before you have any thought that it is about to occur.  

There is not much in the way of gore in the film.  It does have some rather brutal scenes, but not many and not at all above what most of us have already seen.  It does have some images and sights that will stick with you.  This is partially because they are somewhat shocking, but mostly because they are so well timed.

It is not shocking in the way that Cerda's "Aftermath" or "August Underground" are.  However, if you are looking for a film that has some punch, you could do a lot worse than "'Megan Is Missing".

Imdb currently lists a 5.5 rating on the film with 62 reviews thus far.  It seems to me that this is a rather low rating.  It seems that 7 or 7.5 would be more accurate.  I recommend checking this one out.  Any good film will make the viewer feel something. Even though the feelings elicited by Megan Is Missing may be disgust or anger, it certainly delivers in the second half.