The interview section will be growing rather quickly beginning the last week of October.  Check back often!

I have found someone to assist with the site.  For many months I had a statement on the home page that I was looking for a sidekick to assist.  I found someone that has agreed to fill that role.  Once she becomes acclimated with everything, I intend to kick this site into high gear.

COMING SOON- The HorrorFansReview Store.  The store will have DVDs, shirts and collectibles.  I am hoping to have a number of items up no later than October of 2011.  DVDs carried in the store will range from 1960s horror to the present.  I also hope to list some hard to find items. As a serious horror fan myself, I know that it can be very difficult to find some of the older films.  I would like to be able to assist people with that process.